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Performance appraisal is the process of evaluating the performance of employees within a certain time frame. The evaluator looks at the differences between the goals and the actual achievements of employees This essay is on human resource performance appraisal.


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The most suitable technique for evaluating secretary job

The job description of the secretary is qualitative in nature. The secretary spends most of her time dealing with employees and clients. The secretary also maintains a filling system within the organization. The individual characteristics of a secretary are vital during the appraisal process. This is because her character will determine how she deals with fellow staff mates and customers at large.

The secretary should also ensure that the work place is decent by maintaining high standards of cleanliness. The performance appraisal should focus on the characteristic of the secretary than any other performance parameter.

The best performance appraisal to be used in evaluating the performance of a secretary is the graphical rating scale method. This approach concentrates on evaluating individual traits during the performance appraisal process. Employees are rated according to their traits.

There is a remark space below each trait where the evaluator gives his comments on the employee. The secretary may be evaluated using several performance traits. A scale of approximately five levels appears after each performance trait. The evaluator ticks on one and gives the explanation below each trait. Some of the traits which the evaluator may look at include how the secretary understands her work, initiative and application, quality and volume of work.

This is the best approach because the job description of the secretary is qualitative in nature. The graphical rating scale gives room for the evaluator to analyze the characteristics that relate to her work. It also gives room for the evaluator to give comments on each trait. This approach remains to be the best in evaluating the secretary’s job.


This essay focuses on human resource management performance appraisal. It starts by looking at the best appraisal method of evaluating the secretary’s job. The essay also designs a performance appraisal form using BARS. The appraisal form is of use in evaluation of a home appliance sales person. Performance appraisal is a vital activity that no forward looking organization can avoid.


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