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The question to ask here is: Who is the text for? What audience are you targeting? Is it for a single person or for a group of people? Based on these questions, we can select the style to use when writing. That is, define whether we should maintain a formal style or we can use a more informal one. In the same way, we must define whether or not to use technical language. Obviously, if the text is for general public we must avoid technicalities. But if it is, for example, a text for the university, they should appear. We already clarified before starting with the advice that if there is a format to respect, it will have to be done. If there is not, and we have the freedom to write, we must define a structure. A good idea is to outline the parts of the text. If the text that we must produce is extensive, this is practically mandatory. Decomposing the main idea into secondary ideas is a good idea to present a hierarchical and ordered scheme. The order will be key to then write the text. When we talked about having a general idea clear, we mentioned that this could help us define a title. The title is supposed to summarize the text forcefully. It depends on what we have to write, sometimes we don’t need a title. A comment on a forum or on a website does not require a title. However, academic texts do require them. Even an email has a title. Yes, it is what we call the Subject. Writing a good title can take some time. Don’t think it has to click to read here come out of nowhere like that. It is always a good idea to write one and try to improve it. If we are writing a promotional text to get people’s attention, we should look for special titles that generate curiosity. Using questions in the title may be one way to do this.
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